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PelhamFit is an upscale boutique fitness space established in 2022 with the goal of providing members a gym with 24-hour access, high end equipment and a pristine environment. We offer capped membership and daily cleanings, allowing us to maintain a spotless and passive atmosphere.

Our Equipment

Our equipment is top of the line and includes Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Gronk Fitness as well as a dedicated functional turf area. Sign up for virtual classes on any of our treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. Your premium membership includes 24-hour gym access and full access to the Pelham Fit App which provides an extensive content library of diverse workout videos and tailored nutrition plans.

Pelham Fit App

Your premium membership will include unlimited access to workout videos, classes and nutrition within the Pelham Fit app. Hold yourself accountable and stay motivated by scheduling your workouts in advance. The Pelham Fit app essentially acts as your personal trainer, providing fitness routines that walk you through the entire workout, tracking reps and weight during each set as well as proper rest times in between. Select the type of workout and duration that you’re looking for and we'll will guide you through it. To truly set you up for success, your premium membership will also help you hit your nutrition goals by tracking your meals as well as creating mindful habits to fully support your wellness.

Pelham Fit App

Nutrition Tip

Sugar is sugar. Switching from white sugar to coconut sugar, maple syrup or honey does not make a food healthier. Eating too much of alternative sweeteners will have the same effect on the body as white sugar does. Instead, focus on adding healthier choices to your overall diet and eating sweets in moderation. Utilize the Coach app to keep track of your nutrition.

Exercise of the Week

Suitcase deadlifts are great for building a stronger core. Suitcase means unilateral and holding weight only on one side. Place your dumbbell on the outside side of your right foot. Hinge your hips back as you lower to pick up the dumbbell. Maintain a neutral spine and pull weight up closely alongside your leg, squeezing your glutes to move your hips forward. Lower back down for 1 rep. Check out your Coach app for helpful exercise demonstration videos.